Cisco have revived the meeting room experience.

With the Webex Room Series, your meeting rooms come to life!

Cisco have engineered a new portfolio of simpler, more intuitive and practical video conferencing solutions. The combination of hardware and software connects the virtual and physical meeting room, creating an experience that instantly connects people, inside and outside your company, in a secure environment. Continuous collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Webex Room Series

With Webex Room Series, you have everything you need to set up an intelligent, collaborative, multi-media conference room, in one easy package—screens, speakers, codec, camera, touch user interface, microphones, and mounting. Bring any size meeting room—large or small—to life with a fully integrated, all-in-one system. Works seamlessly with Webex Meetings video conferencing.​

Other features

Let us help you get the most out of the Cisco Webex Room series.

With virtual meetings here to stay we can help guide you towards hardware investment options that suit what you and your team need. Options that slide right into what you and your team already have. We can assist you in building team rooms that are consistent, intuitive and inclusive for all users. 

Just like your team, we can help you have team rooms that are built with intention and purpose. We can build you team rooms that give your team intention and purpose in their meetings and day to day interactions. 

It’s a win-win really. If you would like to know more, simply complete the form below and one of our experienced staff will be with you very shortly.