Vuepix MV Series

The VuePix Infiled MV series stands out as a premier line of digital display solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of outdoor and indoor environments.

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Durable & versatile.

Each panel in the series is encased in a robust yet slim and lightweight aluminum frame, allowing for versatile front and rear installation and maintenance. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into various settings, from busy city centers to serene indoor spaces. Engineered for challenging conditions, the outdoor MV series panels resist direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, vibrations, and harsh weather.  

On top of durability, these panels offer exceptional visual performance with high brightness, rapid refresh rates, and deep contrast ratios, ensuring vivid, clear, and dynamic images. The VuePix Infiled MV’s combination of durability, versatility, and superior image quality promises an immersive viewing experience in any environment. 

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Why we <3 it

  • Strong frame

    With a full aluminium frame, MV series panels are stronger and more durable than traditional cabinets, ideally suited for any permanent installation indoor or outdoor.
  • Lightweight & slimline

    With a lightweight design, digital display systems are approximately 10kg per sqm lighter than traditional cabinets, and about 45kg per sqm lighter than iron cabinets. Additionally, the edge depth of MV Series panels is approximately 45mm thinner than traditional cabinets and about 112mm thinner than iron cabinets.
  • Various sizes

    The MV Series comes in four panel sizes to meet diverse applications, visual requirements, and viewing needs: 500x500mm, 1000x500mm, 1000x1000mm, and 500x1000mm.
  • Perfect curves

    Whether you're designing a 3D digital billboard to wrap seamlessly around a building facade or adding extra curves to your outdoor display, the MV Edge panels enable a perfectly smooth, continuous digital canvas.


  • Pixel Pitch (mm):

    2.9/ 3.91 /5.95 / 6.94 / 7.81 / 10.4 / 12.5
  • Brightness (nits):

    Up to 5,000
  • Application:

  • Environments:

    Indoor / Outdoor
  • IP Rating:

    IP30 / IP65
  • LED Configuration

    3 IN 1 SMD
  • Refresh Rate

    ≤3,840 Hz
  • Cabinet Weight

    19 Kg