Zoom Rooms

The video conference room experience you've always wanted.

The modern workplace is changing. More and more people are working remotely, from home or in coffee shops instead of in the office. This means that teams need to get creative with how they work together, but it’s not always easy to set up a meeting room for remote employees.

It’s time to move beyond conference calls and video chats! Zoom Rooms enable hybrid teams (employees who work both inside and outside the office) to collaborate face-to-face via HD video conferencing technology on any device – all without leaving their desks. With Zoom Rooms, your team can meet wherever works best for them – whether it’s at an existing location like a classroom or conference room or even your living room!

Enable the 'work from anywhere' revolution

What does it take to keep your team in sync, no matter where they are? Supporting both remote and office workers is the only way to get ahead of this trend. We understand that workspace design should adapt to evolving technology like cloud-based work platforms so we can make sure businesses stay on top.

Zoom understands this too.

Optimised for any room size, so you can use Zoom for a small focus team, a standard boardroom, or even huge training rooms.

Zoom Rooms offer an easy, customisable experience for all users. You’ll never need to worry about special training for your clients or employees, as the interface is intuitive and simple.

Share to more than one desktop at the same time with ease, as well as wirelessly, making it possible to cut the cord for your meetings. Zoom Rooms offer a variety of simple sharing options for guests and those on your network, including:

  • Wireless Sharing
  • HDMI sharing
  • Share via browser

Other features

  • Unlimited meetings

    As many meetings as you need, for as long as you need.

  • 1000 participants

    The ability to host a small meeting or an online conference sans interruptions

  • Easy sharing

    Wireless content sharing with one click.

  • One-touch joining

    Quickly join meetings with both video and audio.

  • Amazing picture and sound

    Enjoy HD video and audio quality in every meeting.

  • Easy to use

    The simple interface makes Zoom Rooms easy to use and understand by users at all experience levels.

Want to know if Zoom Rooms is the right one for you?

We’ve seen how telecommuting has opened up new opportunities for many people when looking for jobs or balancing family life while working – but what about those who need a physical space away from home during their day job? As we embrace employees working in remote roles, having flexible spaces will be key going forward if you want them engaged and productive at all times! 

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