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In 2017, the Focus AV founders decided a shake up in the commercial AV industry was needed. Tired of seeing clients burdened with clunky, unnecessary and costly equipment, they decided to start a company that does things a little differently. Focus AV was born - an AV company committed to the user experience, innovation and top-notch customer support. Here at Focus AV we don't just keep up with technology trends - we set them. We don't just want to be your AV provider - we want to be your partner. We've now built a team of over 20 dedicated staff who share our vision and passion. We're not content resting on our laurels, either. As we continue to grow, we push the envelope to meet your changing needs. And if anything ever goes wrong, we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

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You can rely on us to...

give you the support you need from first enquiry to final sign-off – and beyond integrate ourselves into your team and share our expertise, so the value we deliver lasts long after we’ve left always find a way forward, because we are solutions focused and giving up simply isn’t part of the Focus DNA
challenge ourselves to never accept the status quo – AV technology is constantly evolving, so conventional ideas need to evolve too be proactive – we’re big on planning but flexible enough to manage the unexpected


‘We’re here to end workplace frustration and provide a fun and efficient experience for all users.’

Colin Tross
Managing Director

Solutions that change the workplace conversation

At Focus AV we can talk about tech all day, but we firmly believe you shouldn’t have to. Which means, we design and install AV systems that become a seamless part of how you do business, not an endless talking point. When AV drops out of your workplace chatter, we know it’s doing its job.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you guarantee reliability?
We do everything we can to ensure your system will operate reliably. Technology isn't perfect but we'll use every trick in our book to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. We've been doing this for years so we already know the issues we're up against and have systems in place to mitigate risk.
Do you manage everything?
Yes, we do. When you engage us for a project, you'll be looked after from day one. Whether it's an involved or straightforward project, it's the job of our project managers to make your life easy.

Our project managers work can either work directly with your team or with your chosen architect, building contractor or design consultant to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Do you use subcontractors?
No, all of our team are full time employees of Focus AV
Is ongoing maintenance required?
It depends on the system type and the user base. If you're tech savvy, you may not need support. We do however offer ongoing support packages for systems of any size.
What if we’re not happy after the installation?
Please tell us! We’re always looking to improve our service and will do whatever it takes to turn things around and get a 5 star review. We’re striving to be one of Australia’s leading specialists, so customer feedback is very important to us.
Why should I choose Focus AV?
You should choose us if you're after a long term relationship with a company that cares. We'll start sharing our expert advice with you from day one, and become your "unofficial AV department" so you don't need to worry.

You're IT department will love dealing with us because we can speak their language, and will take the pressure off them being responsible for unreliable technology.

Focus AV are at the forefront of workplace technology. We keep you updated so that you can ensure your always receiving the latest and most reliable systems for your budget.

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