Logitech Tap
Rally Bar Mini – MTR.

This versatile bundle includes all the components you need to quickly deploy an advanced video conferencing solution that can streamline communication within your organisation, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity.

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Deploy Powerful Video Conferencing Solutions with Ease

The Logitech Tap Rally Bar Mini – MTR is designed to provide Microsoft Teams Rooms with the best possible video conferencing experience. This powerful video bar is perfect for small room settings, and it can ensure a high-quality audio and visual experience for all your team meetings. With its sleek and compact design, the Logitech Rally Bar Mini is a versatile addition to any workspace.

Streamline Your Setup with a Clean and Convenient Design

The Logitech Rally Bar Mini is a powerful and sleek all-in-one video conferencing solution designed specifically for rally bar small rooms and huddle rooms. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it guarantees excellent video and sound quality for every conference.

Key Features of the Logitech Rally Bar Mini:

  1. AI Viewfinder and AI-Powered Optimisation: Experience enhanced video and audio quality with the AI Viewfinder feature. It intelligently detects meeting participants and optimises video and audio settings for the best possible experience. This ensures that everyone in the room is clearly seen and heard, allowing for effective communication.
  2. Logitech Tap Touch Controller: The Logitech Tap Touch Controller, with its sleek 10.1″ touchscreen, provides intuitive control over the conference. You can easily manage meetings, control settings, and access features directly on the device, without the need for a computer or laptop.
  3. Easy Installation and Cable Management: The Logitech Rally Bar Mini offers easy installation and thoughtful cable management. It can be mounted using a TV mount for video bars, reducing clutter and providing a clean and professional setup.

Table: Logitech Rally Bar Mini Features

Feature Description
AI Viewfinder AI-powered feature that detects meeting participants and optimises settings
Logitech Tap Touch Controller Sleek 10.1″ touchscreen for convenient meeting control
Logitech Rally Mic Pod (Optional) Additional microphone pod for improved audio experience
Motorised PTZ Camera Pan and tilt capabilities to ensure the camera focuses on active speakers
AI-Powered Auto-Framing Automatically adjusts the camera to frame participants accurately
RightSound™ Technology Suppresses background noise and echo for clear audio
Room-Filling Sound Powerful speakers to deliver high-quality audio in the room


The Logitech Rally Bar Mini is an all-inclusive room solution that transforms any small room or huddle room into a professional meeting place. With its compact design and advanced features, it offers a seamless user experience and exceptional video and audio quality.

The optional Logitech Rally Mic Pods can be added to further enhance the audio experience. These sensitive microphone arrays ensure that every participant in the meeting can be heard clearly, even in larger conference rooms.

Experience the convenience and power of Logitech’s room solutions. The Logitech Rally Bar Mini combines brilliant optics, AI-powered optimisation, and user-friendly touch control to deliver a superior video conferencing experience. Install the Rally Bar Mini in your small room and enjoy clear communication and engaging meetings.

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Bundle Includes Technical Specifications

Bundle Includes

  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini

    Compact and powerful conferencing device that delivers exceptional audio and video quality. Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, the Rally Bar Mini combines a high-quality camera, speakers, and microphone array to provide a seamless conferencing experience. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Rally Bar Mini enhances collaboration and ensures that every participant can be seen and heard clearly.
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller

    User-friendly device that offers intuitive control over the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Mini. With its 10.1" touchscreen and simple interface, the Tap Touch Controller allows users to start or join meetings, adjust settings, and share content with just a few taps. The touch controller ensures convenient operation, making it easy for anyone to navigate and manage video conferences effectively.
  • Logitech Tap Cat5e Kit 

    Convenient accessory that provides the necessary cabling for a clean and organised installation of the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Mini. The Cat5e cables included in the kit are designed for reliable and high-speed data transmission, ensuring optimal performance for your conferencing setup. With the Tap Cat5e Kit, you can easily deploy and connect your Rally Bar Mini without the hassle of sourcing cables separately.
  • Mini PC

    Compact and powerful computer that comes pre-configured with the Microsoft Teams Rooms app. This PC is specifically optimised to work seamlessly with the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Mini, providing a reliable and efficient conferencing solution. The pre-loaded Microsoft Teams Rooms app ensures compatibility and simplifies the setup process, allowing you to start using your Rally Bar Mini right out of the box.
  • Pre-loaded with the MTR App

    Offering a seamless integration for Microsoft Teams users. With the Teams Rooms app already installed, you can easily connect, collaborate, and conduct meetings using the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. This pre-loaded app ensures that you have access to all the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams, enhancing your productivity and collaboration during video conferences.

Technical Specifications

  • Audio quality to the next level

    With its AI Sound Optimisation and Adaptive Beamforming technology. The AI Sound Optimisation intelligently adjusts audio settings to optimise sound quality and clarity, ensuring that every word is heard with exceptional precision. The Adaptive Beamforming feature focuses on the active speaker, suppressing background noise and echo, and delivering crystal-clear audio to all participants. With these advanced audio technologies, the Rally Bar Mini - MTR creates an immersive and engaging conferencing experience.
  • Dual-camera system

    MTR provides versatile video capabilities for your meetings. With two cameras strategically positioned, you can capture different angles and perspectives of the meeting room. This feature allows for enhanced visual representation and dynamic video conferencing experiences. Whether you want a wide-angle view of the entire room or a close-up shot of the speaker, the dual-camera system provides flexibility and ensures that every participant is visible in high definition.

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Whether you're setting up a small meeting room or a huddle space, the Logitech Rally Bar Mini is designed to fit perfectly into any environment. Its sleek and compact design allows you to easily incorporate it into your existing room layout, while its advanced video and audio features ensure that every call is crystal-clear.