Logitech Tap
Rally Bar – MTR.

Video conferencing has become an indispensable part of our lives. As the world advances towards remote work, seamless video collaboration using the latest technology is much needed. The Logitech Tap Rally Bar for Microsoft Teams Room offers an ideal solution to upgrade video conferencing experiences. Find the features and specifications of the Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR that make it the ultimate video conferencing technology provider for businesses.

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Unveiling the Future of Video Conferencing

The Logitech Tap Rally Bar – MTR is revolutionising the way businesses conduct video conferencing, offering a state-of-the-art solution for seamless integration and advanced functionality. This all-in-one video bar goes beyond the traditional video conferencing equipment, combining exceptional audio and video quality, user-friendly design, and powerful AI-powered features.

Seamless Integration and State-of-the-art Functionality

The Logitech Rally Bar is a powerful all-in-one video conferencing solution that brings next-level collaboration to small rooms and midsize meeting spaces. Packed with advanced features and designed for ease of deployment, this sleek device ensures outstanding clarity and a seamless meeting experience.

Key Features of the Logitech Rally Bar:

  1. AI-Powered AI Viewfinder: Experience exceptional optical accuracy with the Rally Bar’s AI-powered AI Viewfinder. It intelligently detects and follows meeting participants, providing privacy and precision during video meetings. This technology uses scene awareness to keep the camera focused on the action.
  2. Appliance Mode for Easy Deployment: The Rally Bar is designed with an appliance mode specifically for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. This feature simplifies the setup and management process, making it remarkably simple to deploy and maintain the device.
  3. Logitech Sync Service Plan: Opt for an optional service plan to gain access to Logitech Sync, a centralised solution for monitoring and managing your devices. With Sync, you can easily keep track of multiple Rally Bars and other Logitech devices.

Table: Logitech Rally Bar – MTR Features

AI-Powered AI ViewfinderDetects and follows meeting participants while ensuring privacy and precision
Appliance ModeDesigned for easy deployment and management on Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms
Logitech Sync Service Plan (Optional)Centralised solution for monitoring and managing Logitech devices
Outstanding ClarityDelivers cinema-quality video and room-filling sound for an immersive experience
AI-Based Auto-FramingAutomatically adjusts the camera to frame participants in the best possible way
Adaptive Beamforming and Right Sound™Suppresses unwanted noise while enhancing soft voices for clear audio
PTZ Camera with Pan and Tilt CapabilitiesOffers pan and tilt functionality to easily accommodate larger rooms and groups


The Logitech Rally Bar ensures exceptional optical accuracy, allowing participants to be seen clearly. Its AI-based auto-framing feature adjusts the camera to frame participants perfectly, while adaptive beamforming and RightSound™ technology suppress unwanted noise, guaranteeing outstanding audio quality.

Mounting Options for Easy Deployment:

The Logitech Rally Bar offers multiple mounting options to deploy it quickly and easily across various room configurations. Whether you prefer a TV mount for video bars or other mounting solutions, Logitech provides the flexibility you need to set up the Rally Bar according to your space requirements.

If you’re in Australia, you can purchase the Logitech Rally Bar from authorised sellers and enjoy free shipping. For any inquiries or assistance, you can contact us directly.

Logitech Rally Bar is built with a sleek design and remarkable optics, ensuring a modern and professional look for your meeting spaces. Its compact size makes it suitable for small rooms, while its advanced features cater to the needs of larger groups.

Experience the power of Logitech Rally Bar and enjoy exceptional video and audio quality for your Microsoft Teams® or Zoom meetings. Get ready to transform your collaboration experience with Logitech’s industry-leading solutions at the lowest prices.


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Bundle Includes Specifications

Bundle Includes

  • Logitech Rally Bar

    Powerful and versatile video conferencing solution that delivers exceptional audio and video quality. Designed for medium to large-sized meeting rooms, the Rally Bar combines a high-quality camera, speakers, and microphone array to provide a seamless conferencing experience. With its advanced features like automatic framing and enhanced audio processing, the Rally Bar ensures that all participants are seen and heard clearly. The sleek and modern design of the Rally Bar adds a professional touch to any meeting room, while its easy setup and integration make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive video conferencing solution.
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller

    User-friendly device that offers intuitive control over the Logitech Tap Rally Bar. With its 10.1" touchscreen and intuitive interface, the Tap Touch Controller allows users to easily start or join meetings, adjust settings, and share content with just a few taps. The touch controller ensures convenient operation and simplifies the management of video conferences, empowering participants to navigate and control their meetings effortlessly. With its ergonomic design and responsive touch screen, the Tap Touch Controller enhances the overall conferencing experience and enables efficient collaboration.
  • Logitech Tap Cat5e Kit

    Essential accessory that provides the necessary cabling for a clean and organised installation of the Logitech Tap Rally Bar. The Cat5e cables included in the kit are specifically designed for reliable and high-speed data transmission, ensuring optimal performance for your video conferencing setup. With the Tap Cat5e Kit, you can easily deploy and connect your Rally Bar without the hassle of sourcing cables separately. This kit streamlines the installation process and ensures a tidy and professional setup in your meeting room.
  • Mini PC

    This PC is specifically optimised to work seamlessly with the Logitech Tap Rally Bar, providing a reliable and efficient conferencing solution. The pre-loaded Microsoft Teams Rooms app ensures compatibility and simplifies the setup process, allowing you to start using your Rally Bar right out of the box. With the Mini PC, you can experience smooth performance, seamless integration, and enhanced productivity during your video conferences.
  • Pre-loaded with Microsoft Teams Rooms app

    With the Teams Rooms app already installed, you can easily connect, collaborate, and conduct meetings using the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. This pre-loaded app ensures that you have access to all the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams, enhancing your productivity and collaboration during video conferences. The Logitech Tap Rally Bar – MTR provides a comprehensive and efficient video conferencing solution, combining high-quality hardware with the seamless integration of the Microsoft Teams Rooms app.


  • Certifications & Compatibility

    Certified for a variety of video conferencing platforms, providing flexibility and compatibility for different room sizes and software preferences. It is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Windows for medium-sized rooms, Zoom Rooms, Tencent Meeting Rooms, and Google Meet (ChromeOS/USB). In addition, it supports appliance mode, allowing seamless integration with compatible video conferencing software without the need for a separate PC. This includes Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, Zoom Rooms, RingCentral Rooms, and Tencent Meeting Rooms. With its versatile certifications, the Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR ensures a reliable and optimized video conferencing experience across different platforms and room configurations.
  • General Specifications

    Feature-packed solution that includes 6 beamforming microphones, a PTZ camera, 2 speakers, an AI Viewfinder, and a cable management & retention system. Its all-in-one enclosure features an integrated table stand and patented speaker suspension system to eliminate camera shake and audio interference. Powered by the Logitech CollabOS platform, it offers seamless device management with Logitech Sync. The Rally Bar - MTR supports up to two displays with up to 1080p resolution and provides network protocol support for IPv4 and IPv6. It also offers proxy support for flexible network configurations. Experience the convenience and performance of the Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR in your video conferencing setup.
  • Camera

    Offers versatile resolution options, including 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p, and SD, at a smooth frame rate of 30fps. The motorized pan function allows for a ±25° range, while the motorized tilt function offers a ±15° range. The Zoom feature provides 15X HD zoom capability, combining 5X optical zoom with 3X digital zoom. The Rally Bar - MTR has a wide diagonal field of view of 90°, a horizontal field of view of 82.1°, and a vertical field of view of 52.2°. With its comprehensive room coverage, combining the field of view with pan and tilt capabilities, the Rally Bar - MTR delivers a total coverage of 132.1° horizontally and 82.2° vertically.
  • Speakers

    Features dual drivers, each measuring 70 mm in size. These drivers deliver powerful audio with a sensitivity of 92 dB SPL at 1W and 99 dB SPL at 8.0W, both with a variance of +/-2dB at a distance of ½ meter. The speakers are rated at 8W of power and offer low distortion levels, with less than 2% THD at 1kHz and 1W. The speaker sampling rate is set at 48 kHz, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction. With an impedance of 4 Ohms, the Rally Bar - MTR delivers immersive and crystal-clear sound for your video conferencing needs.
  • Microphones

    Offers exceptional audio performance with a wide frequency response range, precise microphone sensitivity, and high-quality audio output. With a pickup range of up to 7 meters and advanced beamforming technology, it ensures clear and detailed capture of participants' voices in any meeting space. The Rally Bar - MTR features advanced audio processing features like AEC and VAD for improved audio quality. It also supports up to 4 additional Rally Mic Pods and 2 Rally Mic Pod Hubs, providing expanded microphone coverage for larger conference rooms. Experience superior audio clarity and coverage with the Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR.
  • RightSense™ Technologies

    Equiped advanced features to enhance the overall video conferencing experience. With RightLight technology, the Rally Bar ensures natural rendering of skin tones for each participant, resulting in lifelike visuals. RightSight intelligently frames the active speaker, while the AI Viewfinder captures everyone in the room, ensuring everyone is included in the frame. RightSound technology distinguishes speech from background noise and echo, automatically leveling voices and suppressing unwanted sounds. Additionally, the Grid View feature detects and frames all meeting participants, creating equitable hybrid meeting experiences. These innovative features make the Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR an ideal choice for immersive and inclusive video conferencing.

Streamlined Video Conferencing with Logitech Tap Rally Bar - MTR

Designed to work seamlessly with the most popular video conferencing platforms and offers a versatile solution for virtual meetings.