Logitech Tap Medium Rooms Solutions.

With Logitech Tap Medium Rooms, you can elevate your collaboration capabilities and enhance productivity. This state-of-the-art solution offers seamless video conferencing, intuitive controls, and advanced features that empower your team to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively. Trust Logitech Tap Medium Rooms to revolutionise your meetings and keep your control room at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

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Video Conferencing Rooms With 6-12 People

When it comes to video conferencing rooms hosting 6-12 people, it is crucial to have a setup that can efficiently accommodate a medium-sized group while delivering seamless communication. The Logitech Tap Medium Rooms bundle is precisely tailored to meet the requirements of such meeting spaces, providing advanced video conferencing services with a focus on convenience and ease of use. This comprehensive solution is designed for compatibility with leading video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams Rooms, Google Meet, and Zoom Rooms, ensuring seamless integration for businesses adopting these technologies. With Logitech Tap Medium Rooms, organisations can enjoy a smooth and efficient video conferencing experience in medium-sized meeting rooms, enabling effective collaboration and enhanced productivity.

Effortless Touch Control for Meetings

Logitech offers comprehensive room solutions for Microsoft Teams, ensuring a seamless video conferencing experience. The Logitech Tap Touch Controller is a crucial component of the Logitech Tap Medium Rooms bundle, providing convenient operation and advanced functionalities for meeting rooms.

Key Features of the Logitech Tap Touch Controller:

  1. Intuitive Control: The Logitech Tap Touch Controller features a 10.1″ touchscreen and tablet-like user interface, allowing participants to effortlessly start or join meetings, share content, and control the room’s settings with just a few taps. With its center-of-room control, it provides easy access for all meeting attendees.
  2. Compatibility: The touch controller is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, offering seamless integration with these popular video conferencing platforms. It ensures that you can make the most of your preferred collaboration software.
  3. Always-On Readiness: With a motion sensor, the touch controller instantly wakes up as soon as someone enters the room, ensuring it is always ready for action. This feature enhances the overall convenience and usability of the Logitech Tap Touch Controller.
  4. Convenient Installation: The Logitech Tap Touch Controller is available in a small form factor, making it suitable for even the smallest of rooms. Its compact size enables easy deployment, and it can be conveniently mounted beneath a table or behind a display.
  5. Complete Room Solution: Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need for productive video meetings. The bundle incorporates the Logitech ConferenceCam with RightSense™ technologies, delivering studio-quality video and ensuring that participants are seen and heard clearly.

Table: Logitech Tap Medium Rooms Bundle Components

Logitech Tap Touch Controller10.1″ touchscreen controller with tablet-like user interface
Logitech ConferenceCam with RightSense™ technologiesHigh-quality conference camera for superior video experience
Logitech Strong USB CablePlenum-rated cable with strain relief and retention mechanisms
PC Mount with Cable RetentionMount for the host computer, ensuring cable management
Logitech JumpStartPre-configured system packaged and ready for installation
In-wall Rated CablingCabling designed for in-wall installation, ensuring a clean setup
Logitech Rally Display HubHub for connecting multiple displays, supporting large configurations


Logitech Tap Touch Controller offers convenient operation while installing the host computer. Its touch-to-join feature allows participants to locate the tap near them for easy access. The conference camera with RightSense™ technologies ensures a superior video conference experience.

The Logitech Tap Medium Rooms bundle provides calendar integration, instant content sharing, and one-touch join functionality. It simplifies the deployment process with pre-configured systems that include all necessary components. The Logitech Strong USB Cable keeps connections tight and is available in different lengths, allowing you to locate the tap near participants or route cables out of sight.

With Logitech’s room-optimised software for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, you can make the most of your video conferencing setup. The Logitech Tap Medium Rooms bundle is designed to fit in small rooms, with the components offering space-saving solutions.

Invest in Logitech’s room solutions for Microsoft Teams and transform your meeting rooms into productive collaboration spaces.

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Bundle Includes Technical Specifications

Bundle Includes

  • Logitech Rally (1 speaker, 1 mic pod)

    The Logitech Rally Kit is an essential component of the medium room solution, providing high-quality video and audio performance. The Rally Camera delivers 4k resolution with AI-powered RightSight technology, which intelligently adjusts the camera's framing based on the number of participants in the room. The Rally Speaker brings crisp and clear audio to the meeting space, while the Mic Pod captures voices with exceptional clarity.
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller

    As mentioned earlier, the Logitech Tap Touch Controller serves as the central point of control for the entire video conferencing setup. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it an essential component for any modern meeting space.
  • Logitech Strong USB 10m

    The Logitech Strong USB 10m cable is a sturdy and rated cable that provides an efficient connection between the touch controller and the Rally Camera. It is designed with cable retention and strain relief to withstand the stress of professional installations and provide long-lasting performance.
  • PC Mount

    PC Mount gives you the option to securely and discreetly mount the Microsoft-approved mini PC to the back of the display or under the table. This helps maintain a clean and organised aesthetic in the meeting room while ensuring the overall system's stability and reliability.
  • Microsoft-Approved Mini PC

    The Mini PC, running Windows 10 IOT Enterprise, is designed to work optimally with Logitech Tap and other peripherals such as Rally Camera and Speaker. Its compatibility with the hardware ensures the seamless performance of the video conferencing system in medium-sized meeting rooms.
  • Rally Mounting Kit

    The Rally Mounting Kit includes brackets for both the camera and speaker, allowing for a clean and professional installation in the meeting room. These brackets help position the camera and speaker optimally for the best video and audio experience.

Technical Specifications

  • General Specifications

    The Logitech Tap Medium Rooms solution offers convenient features to enhance functionality, including internal cable retention, an ultrasonic speaker, a PIR Motion Sensor, a 100mm x 100mm VESA FDMI, and Kensington Lock slots. These features ensure a tidy setup, immersive audio, energy efficiency, easy display mounting, and added equipment security. With these advantages, Logitech Tap Medium Rooms is an efficient and user-friendly solution for medium-sized meeting spaces.
  • Compatibility And Certifications

    Certified touch controller for various video conferencing room solutions. It is compatible with Google Hangouts Meet hardware, Microsoft Teams Rooms/Skype Room System, and Zoom Rooms, ensuring seamless integration with these platforms. Additionally, the Tap supports DisplayLink Plug and Display™ technology, allowing it to connect as an additional display via USB. This feature is compatible with supported operating systems like Windows 10 and Chrome OS, expanding its versatility and functionality. With its certification and compatibility, the Logitech Tap provides a reliable and flexible touch control solution for video conferencing across different platforms.

Logitech Tap for Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms

Elevate your conferencing experience with the Logitech Tap for Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms.