What is Logitech Tap? Logitech Tap is an intuitive video conferencing controller that acts as a bridge between...

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What is Logitech Tap?

Logitech Tap is an intuitive video conferencing controller that acts as a bridge between various video conferencing components. Equipped with a motion sensor that allows for always-on readiness, one-touch join capabilities, and a user-friendly interface – Logitech Tap enables seamless HDMI ingest/input and content sharing, calendar integration, and comprehensive room control.

A standalone device, Logitech Tap operates independently, simplifying the setup process and reducing potential compatibility issues. Tap is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing video conferencing infrastructure, ensuring hassle-free implementation and operation.

Logitech Tap: Every Feature is a Benefit

Instead of relying on various devices and clicking through multiple links, apps, browsers, and sign-ins (only to eventually find your mic isn’t connected), consider the innovative convenience of Logitech Tap:

  • One-touch join
  • 10.1” comfortable, diagonal touch display
  • Purposefully designed to be compact and unobtrusive
  • Several mounting options
  • Place Tap near participants for easy access and operation
  • Flexible installation
  • 10-metre plenum-rated Logitech Strong USB cable
  • Clever cabling – with a Cat5e kit, strain relief and retention mechanisms
  • Supports cabling for runs of up to 40 metres
  • HDMI connectivity ensures reliable audiovisual transmission up to 10 metres
  • Centralised device management
  • Compatible with small, medium, and large room solutions
  • Multiple accessories available for added convenience.

Logitech Tap Compatibility: One Device Fits All

With all the necessary components for complete room solutions, and effortless, streamlined collaboration, Logitech Tap supports multiple video conferencing services, most notably:

  • Google Meet™
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • Zoom Rooms Appliances
  • Zoom Rooms for PC

Logitech Tap has been specifically designed for organisations looking to optimise their meeting room setup. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive functionality, and seamless integration with leading video conferencing platforms make it a valuable asset. By streamlining your video conferencing experience, Logitech Tap boosts productivity, enhances communication, and simplifies collaboration within your organisation.

Ready to transform your meeting rooms with the power of Logitech Tap?

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