Rally Plus Ultra-HD ConferenceCam System.

As a leading audio-visual solutions provider, Focus AV offers the Logitech Rally Plus - Ultra-HD ConferenceCam System for medium and larger conference rooms. This state-of-the-art conferencing solution delivers exceptional video and audio quality with features such as adaptive pan, tilt and zoom, modular audio, and an optional mounting kit.

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Logitech Rally Kit Video Conferencing With Studio-Quality Video

Modular Audio, and RightSense™ Automation

Upgrade your video conferencing experience with our conferencing solution. With studio-quality video, modular audio, and RightSense™ automation, this powerful combination delivers exceptional video and audio quality, making it feel like you’re in the same room as your colleagues or clients.

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Specs & Details Key Features

Specs & Details

  • Rally Camera

    The Rally Camera is an advanced imaging system for professionals, offering ultra-high-definition resolutions, smooth motorised pan, tilt, and zoom, 15x HD zoom, autofocus, 3 camera presets, a wide field of view, and security features such as a Kensington slot and lens park at -90° in sleep mode. It also has a video mute/unmute LED indicator and standard tripod thread for easy setup.
  • Rally Mic Pod

    The Rally Mic Pod is a professional audio accessory with four omnidirectional microphones that form eight acoustic beams, a 4.5 m pickup range, and advanced features such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Background Noise Suppression. It also has a mute button with an LED status indicator, a 2.95 m 12-pin cable, and can be daisy-chained with up to 7 other mic pods. It is recommended for up to 10 participants when using one Mic Pod, and can support up to 46 participants when using 7 Mic Pods.
  • Rally Speaker

    The Rally Speaker is a high-performance audio accessory with a 76 mm rare-earth magnet driver and a patent-pending suspension system that eliminates vibration-induced camera shake and audio interference. It connects to the Rally Display Hub via a Mini XLR cable for both signal and power, and has a speaker volume of 95 dB SPL @1 W and 100 dB SPL @7.5 W. With a sensitivity of 95+/-2 dB SPL at 1/2 meter, distortion rate of <2.5% at 200 Hz-300 Hz and <1% at 300 Hz-10 kHz @7.5 W, and a sampling rate of 48 kHz, it delivers excellent audio quality.
  • Rally Table Hub

    The Rally Table Hub is an advanced accessory that connects to the Rally Display Hub via a single CAT6A cable, with a 5 m cable included that supports customer-supplied cables up to 50 m. It has Active Speaker Detection, a 12-pin connector for Rally Mic Pod, HDMI Type A pass-through to Display Hub, USB Type C, USB Type A (reserved for future capability), USB Type B for connecting to the meeting room computer, RJ45 (reserved for future capability), and power input. This all-in-one solution provides superior sound quality for professional settings.
  • Rally Display Hub

    The Rally Display Hub is an all-in-one accessory designed for professional settings. It features two HDMI Type A ports for displays, a USB-C port for the Rally Camera, a USB Type B port for the meeting room computer, an RJ45 port for the Table Hub, two Mini XLR ports, and can power up to two Rally Speakers. It has a power input for easy connectivity, making it an essential tool for connecting and powering multiple devices.
  • Remote Control

    The Rally Remote Control is an essential accessory designed for professional settings. It features an RF remote control that does not require line of sight, providing users with more flexibility in controlling their devices. The remote control comes with CR2032 batteries included, making it easy to use straight out of the box.

Key Features

  • Advanced Modular Audio

    Rally's advanced modular audio system delivers crystal-clear sound for a world-class video conferencing experience. Logitech RightSound™ suppresses background noise, auto-levels voices, and focuses on active speakers. The sensitive mic pods ensure clear audio for everyone, while the stand-alone speakers provide rich sound for larger rooms. The system enhances voice clarity, creating a seamless and productive meeting experience.
  • Sleek Industrial Design

    The Rally system boasts a sleek industrial design that is suitable for any professional setting. Each component is elegantly finished in matte black with slate gray metal trim, making it not only functional but also visually appealing. The premium PTZ camera, as well as the audio components and accessories, are designed to look great in any room. The system enhances the appearance of any space while providing excellent video and audio quality, ensuring that every meeting looks and sounds great.
  • Enhanced User Experience

    Rally's enhanced user experience is achieved through Logitech RightSense™, a suite of technologies that automate a better meeting experience. With RightSight™, the system auto-frames participants regardless of their distance from the lens. RightLight™ prioritises faces over the environment for natural-looking skin tones, while RightSound™ enhances vocal clarity by suppressing background noise and focusing on active speakers. These advanced technologies support better meetings automatically, making it easier for users to have seamless and productive meetings.
  • Smart Cabling and Content Sharing

    Rally's smart cabling and content sharing keeps cables neat and organised with a Display Hub and Table Hub. Connected by a single CAT6 cable, the hubs offer a full complement of connections, allowing users to locate the meeting computer near the display or at the table. An HDMI input on the Table Hub simplifies wired content sharing, making it easy for users to connect and share content seamlessly.
  • See Everyone, Perfectly Framed

    Rally's Logitech RightSight™ camera control automatically moves and adjusts the lens to perfectly frame meeting participants in any room, regardless of its shape and size. This feature ensures that everyone is comfortably visible during meetings, creating a seamless and efficient meeting experience. RightSight™ is available for Windows 10 and will soon be available for macOS users as well.
  • Up to 7 Mic Pods

    Rally can accommodate large meetings and boardrooms with up to 46 people by adding up to 7 Rally Mic Pods. Each pod adds coverage for an additional six participants, expanding audio coverage and providing convenient access to mute controls. This feature is particularly useful for rooms with more than 10 participants, ensuring that every person can be heard clearly during meetings. With Rally's flexibility, it is easy to expand audio coverage for larger meeting spaces, providing a seamless and productive meeting experience for everyone.

Logitech Rally Boasts 4K UHD Video