Aurora LED screens.

LED screens, a marvel of modern technology, bring vibrant colors and dynamic visuals to life in a myriad of settings, from bustling city squares adorned with gigantic advertising billboards to the intimacy of our living rooms via sleek, high-definition televisions. These screens stand out for their remarkable brightness and ability to produce deep contrasts, ensuring that images remain vivid even under the harsh glare of direct sunlight.

Aurora LED screens are renowned for their high brightness, impressive colors, and longevity, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. These screens are designed without inter-tile gaps, offering a seamless viewing experience, making them particularly suitable for retail and advertising settings, live performances, and other events where visual impact is key. The technology behind these screens, Direct View LED, is known for its emissive properties, providing bright and high-contrast images. The versatility of LED screens, allowing for various widths and heights through modular design, adds to their appeal

Aurora LED Systems aims to provide reliable and affordable LED display products, leveraging the latest technologies in the Pro A/V industry. They offer a broad range of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and they specialize in custom configurations to meet specific business needs. Whether you’re well-versed in LED technology or new to it, Aurora LED Systems focuses on practical, real-world design and implementation, ensuring clients receive the best service and value

Features Specifications Why we love Aurora


  • High Brightness and Contrast

    Ensuring vivid, eye-catching displays that remain clear and visible even in brightly lit environments.
  • Long Lifespan

    With a durability of over 50,000 hours, these screens are built to last, offering a reliable solution for long-term use.
  • Seamless Images

    The absence of inter-tile gaps allows for smooth, uninterrupted visuals, crucial for creating immersive experiences.
  • Energy Efficiency

    LED technology is known for its low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Versatile Design

    Modular components enable custom configurations, allowing screens to be tailored to specific spatial requirements.
  • Vivid Colors

    The screens produce a wide color range, enhancing the vibrancy and appeal of the displayed content.
  • Direct View LED Technology

    This offers particularly bright and high-contrast images, ideal for retail, advertising, and live performances.


  • Pixel Pitch

    This determines the resolution of the screen. A smaller pixel pitch means a higher resolution, allowing the screen to display more detailed images, especially beneficial for close-up viewing.
  • Brightness

    Measured in nits or candela per square meter, this indicates how bright the screen can get, which is crucial for outdoor screens or brightly lit indoor environments.
  • Contrast Ratio

    A higher contrast ratio allows for deeper blacks and more vibrant colors, enhancing the overall image quality.
  • Refresh Rate

    Higher refresh rates reduce flicker and provide smoother motion, important for video content and live events.
  • Viewing Angle

    This specifies the range of angles from which the screen can be viewed without significant loss of image quality.
  • Energy Consumption

    LED technology is known for its energy efficiency, but specific energy usage can vary by model and size.
  • Physical Size and Modularity

    The size of the screen and its modularity (how it can be assembled from smaller panels) will affect how it can be used in different spaces and for various applications.

Why we love Aurora

  • Aurora LED screens encapsulate a blend of features that make them an exceptional choice for Focus AV. The flexibility and customization offered by their modular design allow for bespoke installations tailored to various environments, from bustling live events to sophisticated corporate settings.
  • The screens' superior image quality, characterized by vibrant colors, high brightness, and deep contrast, ensures that visuals captivate audiences, whether indoors or out.
  • Durability is another hallmark, with a lifespan extending beyond 50,000 hours, promising long-term reliability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency stands out as well, as LED technology minimizes power consumption, offering a cost-effective solution for clients.
  • Furthermore, Aurora's commitment to incorporating the latest advancements in LED technology means we can provide amazing solutions, maintaining a competitive edge. The wide applicability of these screens, coupled with Aurora's dedicated support and service, ensures that we have a versatile and dependable tool at our disposal, ready to elevate any event or installation to new heights.