Aetria Control Room Software by Datapath.

In the ever-evolving landscape of control room operations, Aetria by Datapath emerges as a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the design, management, and operation of control rooms of any size. Aetria's integrated approach addresses the challenges posed by the increasing complexity of sources, content, and data management, ensuring reliability and usability for operators.

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Aetria Control Room Software by Datapath represents a significant leap in the management and operation of control room environments, catering to the needs of modern, complex, and critical control setups. This comprehensive solution is designed to simplify the increasingly complex nature of control rooms, which must manage a vast array of sources, content, and data, all while maintaining absolute reliability and usability for operators.

The core philosophy behind Aetria is to provide a complete, integrated solution that spans the entire lifecycle of a control room’s operation—from design and management to day-to-day operation. This approach ensures that system integrators and operators can effectively handle the complexities inherent in modern control rooms without compromising on performance or reliability.

Aetria stands out for its emphasis on ease of integration and operation. The system integrates workstations, video walls, and various data sources into a cohesive platform that can be managed from a single interface. This not only streamlines the management process but also enhances the efficiency of control room operations, ensuring that operators can focus on their essential duties.

The flexibility and scalability of Aetria make it suitable for a broad range of applications, from government and utilities to manufacturing, energy, emergency services, and transportation. Its ability to handle complex configurations and vast data sources makes it an ideal choice for mission-critical environments where reliability and quick decision-making are paramount.

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Key Components

  • Aetria Designer

    A dedicated software tool that allows system integrators to create, review, and approve control room designs. It provides the freedom to plan solutions that meet specific requirements, ensuring the right fit for every environment.
  • Command Center

    Serves as the unified interface for system integrators, enabling them to design, manage, and operate control room solutions from a single point. This centralization simplifies the complexities involved in control room management.
  • Network Manager

    A pre-configured appliance that comes with the Aetria Command Center software, designed to simplify the setup and ongoing management of the control room network and its components.
  • WallControl

    Leverages Datapath's proven technology to allow for the configuration, management, and control of multiple video walls within the Aetria system, enhancing the visual capabilities of the control room.
  • Workstation

    Provides control room operators with a dedicated solution for seamlessly organizing, viewing, and controlling both local and network sources. This component ensures that operators can focus on their core tasks without the distractions of managing the underlying technology.


  • Seamless Integration

    Aetria offers a unified platform that integrates workstations, video walls, and various sources, ensuring smooth operations within control rooms.
  • Intuitive Design

    With Aetria Designer, system integrators have the freedom to create, review, and approve designs efficiently, ensuring the right solution for every environment.
  • Centralized Control

    Aetria Command Center serves as the nerve center, providing a comprehensive interface for managing and operating all control room components from a single point.
  • Enhanced Operator Efficiency

    Aetria Workstation allows operators to effortlessly organize, view, and control local and network sources, focusing on core objectives without technological distractions.
  • Robust Management

    Network Manager simplifies the setup and management of Aetria solutions, while Wall Control integrates multiple video walls into the system effortlessly.


  • Design Flexibility

    Tailor solutions to meet specific user needs without being confined by technical limitations.
  • Operational Simplicity

    Operators can access any source on any screen, ensuring a distraction-free environment to concentrate on critical tasks.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Aetria's built-in diagnostics monitor all components to guarantee continuous, smooth operation and quick issue resolution.