Fusion Signage.

Fusion Signage empowers you to enhance experiences effortlessly. Quickly design, oversee, and launch digital signage content while significantly reducing costs. Experience all of this with the most welcoming digital signage software in Australia.

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Fusion Signage takes the hard work out of digital signage

Fusion Signage is an Australian-owned digital signage software company based in Brisbane, known for its cost-effective, user-friendly, and powerful platform. Designed to make digital signage accessible to everyone, Fusion Signage offers a simple yet robust solution that includes enterprise-level features. The platform is highly adaptable, allowing for rapid updates and responsiveness to user feedback.

Fusion Signage stands out for its commitment to customer support, providing free, unlimited assistance from their friendly Brisbane team. The company also boasts a nationwide network of reputable resellers, ensuring support and accessibility across Australia. With a focus on continual development and innovation, Fusion Signage is dedicated to growing alongside its users, making it a forward-thinking choice in the digital signage market.


Features Why Focus AV loves Fusion


  • Designer (New!)

    Craft captivating content directly within Fusion Signage and make a visual impact
  • Works Offline

    Ensure your scheduled playlists run smoothly, even without an internet connection.
  • Scheduling

    Strategically plan and synchronize updates across all screens in advance.
  • Cloud-Based

    Enjoy the freedom to access and manage your account from any location with internet connectivity.
  • Compatibility

    Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of platforms including Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Tizen, WebOS, and Windows.
  • Easy Playlists

    Simplify content organization by creating playlists and effortlessly broadcasting them to your displays.
  • Single Sign-On

    Enhance security with single sign-on capabilities, allowing user access management through your Active Directory.
  • User Management

    Efficiently add users and customize their access levels and permissions.

Why Focus AV loves Fusion

  • Cost-Effective

    Low pricing makes advanced digital signage accessible to all
  • User-Friendly

    The platform is incredibly straightforward and intuitive – think "a breeze to use."
  • Robust

    Packed with all the essential features, including those for enterprise-level needs.
  • Adaptable

    Quick and responsive, we're ready to implement updates or act on feedback rapidly.
  • Australian Pride

    Entirely Australian-owned, with our roots and operations firmly in Brisbane
  • Exceptional Support

    Enjoy unlimited, complimentary support from Fusions Brisbane-based team
  • Extensive Reseller Network

    Backed by a strong network of esteemed resellers across the country.
  • Forward-Thinking

    They're committed to ongoing development and innovation, ensuring we evolve alongside you.