Lightware Taurus UCX.

The Lightware Taurus UCX is a universal matrix switcher designed to tackle the common challenges of meeting rooms and collaboration environments. This unique connectivity platform allows users to share their content, switch hosts and control their meeting room easily and intuitively.

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The Taurus UCX system represents a transformative leap in meeting room technology, bridging the gap between the frustrating meetings of the past and the efficient, streamlined meetings of the future. In the past, limited Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options, a bewildering array of cables and control panels, unresponsive room devices such as displays and audio systems, and complicated configurations often led to significant delays and the exasperated conclusion that “It just doesn’t want to work!” However, with TAURUS-UCX, the future of meetings is characterized by easy and straightforward connectivity, with HDMI and USB-C readily accessible. Quick and easy setup, simplified and automated controls eliminate the delays that once plagued meeting starts due to technical issues, ensuring everything “works just as it should!”

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Features And Capabilities Specifications

Features And Capabilities

  • Share & Power Your Device

    Just bring your own device, connect it easily and start sharing your desktop with the room right away whilst also charging your laptop in one go. The Taurus UCX offers USB-C connectivity for simplified handling of audio, video, power and control signals via one single cable. The two USB-C ports on the Taurus UCX devices can not only transfer data and video/audio signals, but can also provide charging up to 100W.
  • Switch & Utilize

    Take advantage of all the built-in assets of the room from the USB webcamera to microphones and speaker systems and use them directly with your laptop or other device. The Taurus UCX provides the possibility for meeting participants and collaborating teams to use their choice of video conferencing platforms while utilizing the USB assets in the room.
  • Control & Monitor

    Access and control room facilities such as lights and shades without the hassle of using multiple controlling platform, as the Taurus UCX allows you to get everything done simply via the native control panel or touchpad that is already used for the video conference system. The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support allows users can control sink devices (e.g. displays, projectors etc) on various end-points through HDMI connectivity, while the built-in web LDC makes it possible to easily configure the device through a web browser.


  • Full HDMI 2.0 compatibility allowing 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 signals

  • USB-C Connectivity and Charging up to 100W

  • USB 3.1 Gen1 connectivity and Host switching layer

  • Analog and Dante/AES67 audio de-embedding

  • Simplified and Automated Room Utility Controls

  • Enhanced Ethernet Security Features