Shure MXA902

This premier ceiling-mounted microphone and loudspeaker combo is designed for AV conferencing in compact and mid-sized areas. Featuring a sophisticated array microphone paired with a broad-dispersion loudspeaker, authentic and clear speech is easily captured and played back. Innovative technology guarantees audio that is free from echoes and background noise, enhancing your conferencing experience.

shure mxa902 press release
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You’ve never seen a ceiling mic like this.

The Shure MXA902 is an innovative device, combining a microphone and loudspeaker into one ceiling-mounted unit. This design simplifies installation by needing just one device to be mounted and a single cable for connection, making setup quicker and the space tidier.

The MXA902 works well with major online meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, fits easily into modern room designs with its customisable appearance, and ensures secure communication with encryption features. It’s built to provide consistent, high-quality sound for everyone in the meeting, unlike traditional setups that might favour people closer to a sound source.

Why we <3 it Specifications

Why we <3 it

  • All-in-one solution

    The single-device setup with only one cable needed simplifies the installation process, saving time and labour costs. It also combines microphone and loudspeaker functionalities, reducing the number of devices required for installation.
  • Aesthetic & clutter-free

    The customisable design, including paintable surfaces and a sleek form factor, allows the device to blend seamlessly into any room decor. Ceiling-mounted design frees up table and wall space, leading to a cleaner and more organised meeting environment.
  • Advanced audio technology

    Innovative audio tech ensures high-quality, clear audio by capturing sounds within a specified area while eliminating background noise and echo.
  • Secure communication

    Shure Audio Encryption offers added security for sensitive meetings, ensuring that confidential information remains protected.
  • User-friendly & compatible

    LED status indicators and compatibility with third-party control systems (certified to work with major conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom) make it easy for end-users to operate and integrate into existing setups.


  • Built-in IntelliMix® DSP technology:

    Delivers clear audio by providing echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic mixing, and gain control.
  • Single Zone Automatic Coverage™:

    Covers a 20 by 20-foot area, capturing every talker within this zone while excluding external noises.
  • Single Cable Connectivity:

    Supports audio, PoE+ power, and control signals via a single Dante/AES67 digital audio networking cable.