Jan 2024

Revolutionizing Meeting Rooms with Taurus UCX

Introducing Taurus UCX: The Future of Meeting Room Connectivity

Lightware is thrilled to unveil the Taurus UCX, a cutting-edge universal matrix switcher engineered to transform meeting and collaboration spaces. This innovative platform offers unparalleled connectivity, allowing users to effortlessly share content, switch hosts, and manage their meeting environments with intuitive ease.

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Transforming Meetings with Taurus UCX

The Challenges of Traditional Meetings:

  • BYOD Limitations: Limited options for Bring Your Own Device setups.
  • Confusing Connectivity: A bewildering array of cables and control panels.
  • Unresponsive Equipment: Frustrations with non-cooperative displays and audio systems.
  • Complicated Setups: Complex configurations leading to extended delays.

The Taurus UCX Solution:

  • Seamless Connectivity: Effortless integration of HDMI and USB-C.
  • Quick Setup: Rapid, user-friendly configurations.
  • Simplified Controls: Automated, straightforward control mechanisms.
  • Efficiency: Elimination of technical delays, ensuring meetings start on time.

ucx 4x3 hc40 front axono transparent 2

The Taurus TPX: USB-C Extension for the Future

Designed for medium to large meeting spaces, the Taurus TPX facilitates seamless integration over distances up to 100 meters. It represents the pinnacle of meeting room technology, ensuring that connectivity is never a barrier in any collaborative environment.

Versatile Video Conference Support

The Taurus UCX stands out with its ability to support multiple video conferencing platforms, from Cisco Webex to MS Teams to Zoom. This versatility allows users to switch between applications effortlessly, depending on their meeting needs. The added benefit of keeping laptops charged during meetings eliminates the worry of devices entering standby mode unexpectedly.


Enhanced Connectivity and Charging

With the Taurus UCX, simply bring your device, connect, and start sharing your desktop while charging your laptop simultaneously. The dual USB-C ports handle audio, video, power, and control signals through one cable, offering up to 100W charging.

Comprehensive Room Control

The Taurus UCX empowers users to control room facilities like lights and shades with ease. It supports CEC for controlling sink devices and features a built-in web LCD for hassle-free configuration.

Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA)

LARA, our innovative room automation platform, is crafted for both AV integrators and meeting participants. It simplifies interactions with AV technology through:

  • User-Friendly Software: Easily-parametrizable for straightforward use.
  • Module Flexibility: Suitable for those without complex programming skills, while also accommodating experienced programmers.
  • Easy Configuration: Accessible via web browser and manageable through a single touch panel.


The Power of C – USB-C with Taurus UCX

The Taurus UCX epitomizes the essence of Unified Communications, facilitating effortless collaboration. It combines video, audio, control, and Ethernet into one cable, offering a futuristic experience today.

The Taurus UCX marks a new era in meeting room technology, embodying simplicity, versatility, and efficiency. Welcome to the age of Taurus, where meeting room frustrations become a thing of the past.

Sep 2022

Yep, we’re the reason the RAC Arena is so blue Area 2

Focus Audiovisual was proud to deliver a whopping 80 square metre LED screen for Perth’s RAC Arena in July 2019. Focus worked closely with RAC Arena for the design of the framework and LED, showcasing a unique “Mosaic” design – a first in Australia.

Focus Technicians worked around the clock for 14 days to install and commission the system, which was completed in time for the Hugh Jackman 2019 concert.