Advertising Led Screens Perth
Jun 2023

Advertising LED Screens Perth

Are you looking to promote your company in Perth with captivating audio-visuals? 

State-of-the-art advertising LED screens are very effective in attracting attention both indoors and outdoors. 

Advertising Led Screens Perth

Applications of Indoor/Outdoor LED Advertising Screens

In Perth, there are many strategic places where you can install LED advertising screens to promote your brand and business. 

We have helped clients install LED screens at popular venues in Western Australia. 

Let’s take a look at some of these venues.

  1. Shopping Malls

    LED screens not only showcase exciting offers but also act as way-finding aids, making navigation through the mall very easy. By incorporating LED video walls into shopping centres in Perth, the shopping experience is elevated and leaves a positive impression on customers. 

  2. Stadiums

    As visitors step into the event arena, a sense of excitement fills the air. 
    Installed by Focus AV, the Mineral Resources Park Scoreboard boasts a large LED screen, adding to the electrifying atmosphere of significant sports events and concerts hosted at the venue. 

  3. Airports and Transport Terminals

    The eye-catching visuals and dynamic content that LED video walls provide can effectively capture the attention of busy travellers, directing crowds in the right direction. 

  4. Restaurants, Hotels, and Retail

    Restaurants, hotels, and retail stores in Perth can benefit greatly from LED advertising displays. These displays can increase your business’s visibility to customers, allowing you to showcase promotions and other services. With eye-catching colours and brightness, LED displays can attract your customers more effectively.

Professional Advertising LED Displays

Focus AV’s innovative digital signage comes in various indoor and outdoor LED screens

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted choice for businesses seeking impactful and effective advertising solutions in Perth. 

Here is what you can expect from our LED screens and digital signage solutions:

  1. Indoor & Outdoor LED Screens

    Digital displays deliver high-grade performance, and our LED screens are available in various sizes and configurations. For outdoor use, advertising screens feature high-grade diodes that emit stunning images, even in direct sunlight. 

  2. Advertising with High-Definition LED Screens

    LED screens offer high uniformity and viewing angles, ensuring that your message is broadcasted in the best quality possible.

  3. Personalised LED Screens For Your Brand

    They are fully customisable to match your brand’s unique style and messaging. From creating stunning video walls to displaying personalised designs, we work closely with you to deliver the best possible outcome for your brand.

Indoor Outdoor LED Advertising Screens Perth

Why Focus AV’s for Advertising LED Screens?

At Focus AV, we deliver outstanding customer service, from the installation of your screen, to training your team, as well as on-site warranty. You will be well looked after and informed every step of the way, by your dedicated project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LED Billboards Called?

LED billboards are also commonly referred to as digital billboards or electronic billboards or advertising screens.

What are the Advantages of LED Screens?

LED screens offer several advantages over other display technologies. They are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, offer higher brightness and contrast, and can display vivid colours and sharp images.

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