Oct 2023

Holistic AV Installation for Linkforce



In today’s corporate environment, seamless and efficient communication is vital. Linkforce, a dynamic company based in Perth, recognized this and sought an exemplary AV solution for their new office location. With 5 meeting rooms and boardrooms to be equipped, they needed a comprehensive, state-of-the-art installation to facilitate both internal and external communications.

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  • Complexity of Installation: Managing varied AV requirements across multiple rooms.
  • Budget Management: Ensuring the best value for the considerable investment into AV technologies.
  • Ensuring Future-Proof Solutions: Creating systems that are both robust now and scalable for future needs.

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The Solution

The AV installation was meticulously planned and executed across five key areas within Linkforce’s new premises: four 8 PAX Meeting Rooms and one 16 PAX Boardroom. Additionally, centralised AV equipment, room scheduling panels, and a CCTV system were implemented, alongside professional services to ensure streamlined operation.


Key Equipment Installed Across Different Rooms:

  1. Display Solutions: Using Samsung’s QB85B 85″ Commercial Displays and wall-mounted brackets for optimal visual performance.
  2. Communication Tools: LOGITECH TAP, along with Lenovo I5-1145G73 7600T for seamless conferencing and collaboration.
  3. Audio: Installation of Q-Sys 4.5″ Low Profile In-Ceiling PoE Speakers and Audio-Technica Beamforming Array Microphone ensured crystal-clear audio transmission.
  4. Video: Logitech’s Rally Ultra PTZ Camera was chosen for its superior video capture capabilities.
  5. Control: Q-Sys Core Nano DSP & AV Controllers and Q-SYS Licenses for advanced audio-visual control.
  6. Scheduling: Utilizing Logitech’s Tap Room Scheduler for optimal room management.



  • Enhanced Meeting Experiences: All meeting and boardrooms are now equipped to deliver exceptional, smooth, and efficient meeting experiences, with high-quality audio, visual, and control systems in place.
  • Optimized Collaboration: The integrated system allows for seamless collaboration amongst team members, regardless of location.
  • Effective Room Management: With intuitive scheduling panels, room management is streamlined and efficient.


Client Feedback

Linkforce expressed high satisfaction with the installation. The tailored AV solution not only met but exceeded their expectations, ensuring their team can collaborate and communicate effectively, internally and with external partners. The integration of the system into their daily operations has been seamless, and it has already shown significant improvements in the meeting and collaboration efficiency across the board.



This case study demonstrates a holistic approach to an AV installation, ensuring that all technological, functional, and aesthetic needs are met while providing a scalable solution for future requirements. With meticulous planning, clear understanding of client requirements, and leveraging top-quality AV equipment, a comprehensive AV solution was successfully delivered to Linkforce, ensuring their meeting spaces are not only equipped with the latest technologies but are also optimized for future advancements.

Note: The unit costs and quantities provided have been utilized to curate a solution tailored to Linkforce’s needs and are integral in detailing the extent and scale of the project. Future studies might delve further into how these specifics impacted budgeting and solution crafting.