Oct 2023

New Boardroom AV for WGA

Objective: Revamp and modernize the AV system for WGA’s boardroom and meeting room.



Situated in the bustling heart of Perth, WGA is known for its professional ethos and the significance it places on effective communication. However, their boardroom and meeting room AV equipment had become outdated, causing potential hindrances in their operations. Recognizing the need for an upgrade, they sought the expertise of Focus AV.


The Solution:

Focus AV’s methodology aimed at integrating cutting-edge technology while maintaining aesthetics and ensuring user-friendliness. The steps of the upgrade were as follows:

  1. Equipment & Cable Management: The first step was to remove the old equipment and clean up the existing cabling setup to make way for the new system.
  2. Centralized Collaboration Hub: A Lenovo Thinksmart Hub was integrated. This hub serves as a central point for meeting collaborations, streamlining communications and presentations.
  3. Video & Sound: The Logitech Business Rally Bar was securely mounted on the wall, offering superior video and sound capabilities. To further enhance audio reception, two Logitech Rally Mic Pods were strategically positioned in the room.
  4. Connectivity Enhancements: The ICRON USB Extender system was utilized to ensure robust and consistent connections, while HDMI Extenders were also added to facilitate high-definition connections from various input sources.
  5. System Configuration: After installing the hardware, the system was meticulously set up and configured. This included ensuring network connections were optimized for smooth operations.
  6. Scheduling Solution: Outside the boardroom, a Logitech tap scheduler was installed. This touch-enabled device streamlines the scheduling of meetings, enhancing room utilization and efficiency.



Post the upgrade, WGA’s boardroom and meeting room are not only technologically advanced but also optimized for user experience. Whether it’s a high-stakes board meeting or a regular team meet, the AV system ensures flawless communication and presentation.



The installation was lauded for its immaculate cabling work, with WGA appreciating the attention to detail and the transformative impact on the rooms. The upgrade reiterates Focus AV’s commitment to delivering excellence and meeting client expectations.



Huge accolades to the installation team at Focus AV. Their dedication and meticulous approach have been pivotal in this successful upgrade. The team consistently strives to surpass client expectations, and this project is a testament to that commitment.