Jun 2023

Boardroom Upgrade for CBH Group

20230511 141333 CBH Group, a prominent agricultural cooperative based in Australia, approached us, Focus AV, seeking a solution to their persistent technological challenges in their boardroom. The company had been struggling with unreliable technology and a reliance on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setups. Recognizing the need for a stable and consistent meeting room experience, we proposed the implementation of a fixed Meeting Room Technology (MTR) solution. This case study highlights how our deployment of cutting-edge audio and video equipment transformed CBH Group’s boardroom, leaving them delighted with the results.

Challenges Faced

Before engaging with us, CBH Group had been grappling with several issues that hampered their boardroom meetings. Unreliable technology and the dependence on personal devices led to inconsistent audio and video quality, frequent connection issues, and an overall frustrating meeting experience. Recognizing the need for a reliable and professional solution, CBH Group sought our expertise.

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Our Solution
After careful assessment of CBH Group’s requirements, we proposed a comprehensive solution to address their boardroom challenges. We recommended the deployment of the following audio and video equipment:

  1. Shure MXA910 Microphone Arrays: We installed two MXA910s, which are industry-leading ceiling microphone arrays. These advanced microphones offer exceptional audio quality, superior voice pickup, and beamforming technology. The MXA910s ensured crystal-clear audio capture, allowing participants to communicate effectively during meetings.
  2. Logitech Tap: To enhance the user experience and streamline meeting room control, we incorporated the Logitech Tap system. The Logitech Tap acted as a central control panel, providing intuitive control over audio and video settings, presentation sharing, and room scheduling. Its user-friendly interface simplified meeting operations and eliminated the hassle of dealing with complex technologies.
  3. Q-Sys Audio Processor and Controller: To optimize audio management, we integrated the Q-Sys audio processor and controller into CBH Group’s boardroom. The Q-Sys system allowed for seamless audio routing, echo cancellation, and equalization. Its advanced audio processing capabilities ensured balanced sound distribution and eliminated common audio issues that plagued CBH Group’s previous setup.

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Results and Benefits
The implementation of our solution brought about significant improvements in CBH Group’s boardroom experience. The company and its IT team expressed their satisfaction with the transformation, and the positive impact was evident in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced Audio Quality: The MXA910 microphone arrays, combined with the Q-Sys audio processor, delivered pristine audio reproduction. Participants could engage in conversations without disruptions or poor sound quality, improving overall communication during meetings.
  2. Streamlined User Experience: The Logitech Tap system simplified meeting operations, enabling easy control over audio and video settings. With a user-friendly interface, participants no longer struggled with technical difficulties, allowing them to focus on the agenda and collaboration.
  3. Reliable and Consistent Performance: The deployed solution provided CBH Group with a stable and consistent boardroom experience. By eliminating the dependence on unreliable BYOD setups, CBH Group could conduct meetings without interruptions, ensuring efficient decision-making and productivity.
  4. IT Team Relief: CBH Group’s IT team expressed their gratitude as they were no longer burdened with troubleshooting audio and video issues in the boardroom. With the new fixed MTR setup, their IT resources could be utilized more effectively, improving overall IT service delivery within the organization.

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The successful deployment of a fixed MTR solution, including MXA910s, Logitech Tap, and Q-Sys audio processing, revolutionized CBH Group’s boardroom experience. By addressing their challenges of unreliable technology and the reliance on BYOD setups, we provided CBH Group with a seamless and professional meeting environment.

The implementation of our audio visual and MTR solution brought about significant improvements in CBH Group's Perth boardroom.