Feb 2024

Elevating the Game: Volleyball WA and Focus AV Unveil High-Tech LED Scoreboard

Focus AV is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Volleyball WA (VWA).  This collaboration has been forged to bring a revolutionary enhancement to volleyball events across Western Australia – a custom-designed, high-tech LED scoreboard that promises to transform the spectator experience at our flagship events.

Focus AV, known for their expertise in AV solutions, has worked closely with VWA to develop this fully customisable scoreboard. This innovative product is not merely a tool for displaying scores but a game-changer in how volleyball matches are enjoyed and experienced by fans.

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Colin Tross, the Managing Director at Focus AV, expressed his enthusiasm about this venture, stating, “We at Focus AV are excited to partner with Volleyball WA, introducing a groundbreaking innovation to Western Australian volleyball: a trailer-mounted LED scoreboard that can be effortlessly controlled with any smartphone. This pioneering solution is not just about displaying scores; it’s about changing the way games are experienced.”

The mobility and user-friendliness of this LED scoreboard stand out, offering unparalleled convenience and engagement at volleyball events. Operators can manage the scoreboard remotely with just a few taps on their smartphone, adding a layer of sophistication and ease to event management.

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The scoreboard will make its debut at several marquee VWA events throughout the year, including the WA Open at Scarborough Beach in February. It will also feature at the WAVL State League Finals and the Australian Volleyball Super League Home Games, scheduled from July to September.

Tross further elaborated on Focus AV’s commitment to innovation, “Our journey with Volleyball WA has been driven by a passion for creating technologies that are not only advanced but accessible to everyone. This partnership underscores our dedication to enhancing the sporting experience, affirming our position as industry leaders in developing LED scoreboard solutions.”

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This collaboration between Volleyball WA and Focus AV signifies a leap forward in enhancing the engagement and enjoyment of volleyball events for players, spectators, and organizers alike. The introduction of this high-tech, trailer-mounted, smartphone-operated scoreboard is a testament to the shared commitment of both organizations to innovation, accessibility, and the continuous improvement of the sporting experience in Western Australia.