Oct 2023

Advanced AV Solutions for Brightwater Care Group

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Brightwater Care Group , a renowned care provider, aimed to optimize their meeting rooms and collaboration spaces across their facilities with advanced Audio-Visual  equipment. Furthermore, they envisioned a high-tech entertainment and information dissemination system for their 120+ resident rooms and 11 common areas. This case study explores the approach, implementation, and outcomes of integrating a comprehensive AV package, provided by our team.

Project Objectives:

  • Integrate high-performance AV equipment in 15 meeting rooms/collaboration spaces.
  • Implement digital wall signage.
  • Integrate IPTV systems in over 120 resident rooms and 11 common areas.

AV Solution Components:

  • Fusion Media Player
  • Samsung 55″ Commercial Display
  • Barco CX-20 ClickShare
  • Logitech Tap with Lenovo M920Q
  • Logitech MeetUp 4K ConferenceCam
  • Ikusi Flow IPTV Headend
  • Philips CMND Server Kit

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Meeting Rooms/Collaboration Spaces:

For the 15 meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, a seamless AV integration was essential. The Fusion Media Player was selected for its reliability and capability to handle high-definition media playback. Samsung’s 55″ Commercial Displays offered crystal-clear visuals, with Barco CX-20 ClickShare facilitating wireless presentation and collaboration with ease and efficiency. Logitech Tap with Lenovo M920Q and the Logitech MeetUp 4K ConferenceCam were incorporated to support video conferencing, providing an intuitive user experience and 4K video quality.

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Resident Rooms and Common Areas:

Digital wall signage was established to offer real-time information and entertainment to residents. The signage was powered by the Fusion Media Player, providing a streamlined experience for users.

For the IPTV systems, the Ikusi Flow IPTV Headend was integrated into over 120 resident rooms and 11 common areas. This technology ensured a stable and high-quality broadcast, enhancing the entertainment options available for residents. The system was controlled and managed efficiently through the Philips CMND Server Kit, offering an intuitive interface and robust management tools.


Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:

The AV solutions in the meeting and collaboration spaces have significantly improved the communication and collaborative efforts among the staff at BCG. The ease of use and high-quality output of the equipment have received positive feedback, promoting a more engaging and productive environment.

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Elevated Resident Experience:

With the integration of IPTV systems and digital wall signage, residents have access to a wide range of entertainment and information options right at their fingertips. The intuitive and user-friendly interfaces of the systems ensure that residents can easily navigate and utilize the features, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

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Through careful planning and the integration of cutting-edge AV solutions, Brightwater Care Group has successfully enhanced the communication and collaboration capabilities of their staff and elevated the living experience for their residents. The project showcases the pivotal role of technology in improving operational efficiency and quality of life in care facilities.