Oct 2023

Enhanced Meeting Room For RAC

This case study outlines a comprehensive project executed at RAC WA Headquarters in Joondalup, where a total of ten meeting spaces were significantly enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate effective communication and optimal utilization. The project focused on the installation of top-tier display, audio devices, and an innovative scheduling tool.

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For some time, the RAC WA Headquarters required a revamp of their meeting rooms to provide a conducive environment for both physical and virtual meetings. This case study explores the meticulous transformation of eight meeting rooms and two large spaces.


  • To revamp and technologically advance ten meeting spaces
  • Facilitate clearer, vibrant presentations and efficient communication
  • Streamline the room booking process for optimal utilization

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Project Description

Meeting Rooms Upgrade

Eight meeting rooms at the RAC WA Headquarters underwent total makeovers, each equipped with Samsung Displays ranging from 55 to 65 inches. These premium displays are intended to deliver presentations with clarity and vibrancy, essential for effective communication.

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Advanced Audio System

Each meeting room received Logitech Rally Bars and Rally Mic Pods installations. These advanced audio devices were installed to guarantee an auditory experience of crystal-clear quality, crucial for seamless and effective communication during meetings.20230824 122005

Large Spaces Enhancement

In addition to the eight rooms, two large spaces were significantly enhanced with 98-inch Samsung displays supported by PTZ Rally Cameras and advanced ceiling microphones. These installations were made to ensure top-quality audio-visual performance during virtual meetings, enhancing remote communication’s efficiency and engagement level.

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Tap Scheduler Device

Each room was equipped with the Tap Scheduler device, a user-friendly tool designed to streamline the room booking process. This efficient scheduling solution facilitates optimal utilization of the meeting spaces, promoting productivity and effectiveness in operations.

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The project resulted in the creation of meeting spaces that are not only technologically advanced and modern but also conducive for productive and effective meetings. These enhancements are expected to significantly contribute positively to the day-to-day operations at RAC WA Headquarters.

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Conclusion and Forward Look

The completion of this large-scale project marked a significant milestone in improving the quality and efficiency of meetings conducted at the RAC WA Headquarters. The organization anticipates these upgrades to have a substantial positive impact on team collaboration and overall productivity, as the spaces are now more aligned with the current technological needs and operational demands. Future observations and feedback from the RAC WA team will be crucial in measuring the project’s success and identifying areas for further improvement.

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