Oct 2023

LED Screen & AV Integration for Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness collaborated with Focus AV to enhance their audio-visual (AV) capabilities, installing state-of-the-art equipment including an Aurora LED screen, Digital Signage Screens, an advanced audio system, a video distribution system, and a control system optimized for user convenience.


Anytime Fitness required a substantial AV upgrade to provide an engaging and immersive experience for its clientele. Focus AV proposed a comprehensive solution, incorporating leading technology and addressing specific environmental challenges like high ceilings.

LED Screen Installation:

  • Product: Aurora LED Screen (6m x 3m) with a 3.91mm dot pitch.
  • Services: Focus AV supplied and installed the screen, also including Aurora’s mounting system for optimal display performance.
  • Support: Local support, warranty, and repair services included, ensuring minimal downtime and immediate assistance for issues like dead pixels and power supply faults.
  • Additional: Next-business-day technician support through a Gold support package, scissor lift hire priced in for each service.

Digital Signage Screens:

  • Product: Six CHiQ 75″ Screens installed strategically; three facing east in the weights area and one in each studio/functional fitness room.
  • Details: CHiQ Product Information.

Audio System:

  • Design: Customized audio system offering crisp and immersive sound throughout various areas, considering the building size and ceiling height.
  • Speakers: Sonance 8 inch pendant speakers for high ceilings and EV pendant speakers for lower ceiling areas.
  • Connectivity: The system includes a Bluetooth receiver and can connect up to 11 additional audio sources.
  • Commission: Focus AV handled the connection and commissioning of client-supplied audio sources.

Video Distribution System:

  • Function: The Blustream Pro video matrix allows the distribution of up to four 4K video sources to any screen in the facility.
  • Commission: Focus AV connected and commissioned client-supplied video sources like nightlife, laptops, and Apple TVs.
  • Details: Blustream Product Information.

Control System:

  • Usability: Users can control audio and video in each zone individually via iPad, with adjustable audio levels and input selection, video source distribution, and more.
  • Customization: The iPad control system is fully customizable in layout and functionality, allowing design control over button placement and functions.
  • Details: iPort ConnectPro Product Information.

Studios/Functional Training AV:

  • Audio System: Each room is equipped with a Fitness Audio Aeromic system with mixer and two EV wall-mounted speakers, supporting Bluetooth connectivity for instructors’ music.
  • Standalone: These systems operate independently from the main AV system.
  • Details: Aeromic System Information, CycleMic, AeroMix Mixer.

Overcoming Challenges:

1. Space Constraints & Installation Difficulties:
  • Challenge: The facility’s unique structure and space constraints posed installation challenges, especially for the large Aurora LED screen.
  • Solution: Focus AV meticulously planned the installation process, considering the limited space and structural intricacies. Detailed planning and the use of specialized equipment like scissor lifts facilitated the seamless installation of the 6m x 3m LED screen without disrupting the gym’s daily activities.

2. Audio System Optimization:
  • Challenge: The diverse and extensive gym space, featuring both high and low ceilings, demanded an audio system capable of delivering clear, immersive sound uniformly.
  • Solution: Focus AV employed a combination of Sonance 8-inch and EV pendant speakers, meticulously placed to ensure optimal audio coverage in all areas. The team conducted multiple on-site tests to calibrate and fine-tune the audio system for the best acoustic performance, ensuring a premium sound experience throughout the facility.

3. Integration of Multiple Systems:
  • Challenge: Integrating various AV components into a cohesive, user-friendly system while allowing for future expansions and upgrades was crucial.
  • Solution: The team implemented a control system accessible via iPad, providing users with straightforward, intuitive control over all AV elements in each zone. This approach not only enhanced the current user experience but also provided a scalable solution to accommodate future technological advancements and expansions.

4. Customization & Client Specifications:
  • Challenge: Anytime Fitness had specific requirements for each room and area within the facility, necessitating a highly customized AV solution.
  • Solution: Focus AV engaged closely with Anytime Fitness to understand their unique needs, leading to the installation of standalone AV systems in each studio and functional training room. This approach ensured that each space was equipped with AV capabilities tailored to its specific use and requirements, providing flexibility and functionality for instructors and users alike.


Focus AV delivered a tailor-made AV solution to Anytime Fitness, incorporating cutting-edge technology and specialized installations to create an engaging environment for fitness enthusiasts. Through careful product selection and expert installation, the upgrade promises a reliable and immersive audio-visual experience with robust support structures in place for continuous, hassle-free operation.