Oct 2023

Immersive Learning for South Metro TAFE



South Metro TAFE sought to enhance its training kitchens with advanced Audio-Visual (AV) technology to facilitate a more engaging and immersive hands-on training environment for its students. This case study delves into the thoughtful AV integration project, highlighting the careful selection of technology, integration process, and the positive outcomes witnessed post-implementation.

2. Project Objectives:

  • Equip each training area and workspace with AV equipment that enhances the learning experience by providing visual reinforcement at each training station.
  • Provide hardware that allows students to capture and record their work for teacher assessment.

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3. AV Solution Components:

  • Atlona PTZ Cameras
  • 50″ Samsung Electronics Displays
  • Listen, Inc. Complete IR Assistive Listening System
  • Shure Incorporated Wireless Digital Lapel System
  • Extron 10″ TouchLink Pro Touch panel
  • Biamp Ceiling Speaker System

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4. Implementation:

4.1 Training Areas and Workspaces:

In each training kitchen, Atlona PTZ Cameras were installed to capture high-definition video of the culinary processes and techniques demonstrated by the instructors. These cameras offered flexibility with pan, tilt, and zoom functions, allowing for focused views on specific cooking techniques and details.

To display the captured video content, 50″ Samsung Electronics Displays were strategically positioned in the training areas. These high-quality displays provided clear and vibrant visuals, allowing students to closely follow the instructional content provided by their trainers.

Listen, Inc.’s Complete IR Assistive Listening System was integrated to support students who might have hearing impairments. This system ensured that every student, regardless of their hearing ability, could fully participate in the training sessions.

Shure Incorporated’s Wireless Digital Lapel System was chosen for its clarity and reliability. This system allowed instructors to communicate seamlessly with students, providing clear audio without any hindrance.

Extron’s 10″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanels were installed to offer intuitive control over the AV equipment in each training area, making it easier for instructors to manage the technology during training sessions.

Lastly, Biamp’s 6.5″ Ceiling Speakers were integrated to distribute crystal clear audio throughout the training kitchens, ensuring that instructions and communications were audible to all present.

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5. Outcomes:

5.1 Enhanced Training Experience:

The AV integration in the training kitchens has led to a more engaging and supportive learning environment. Instructors can efficiently demonstrate and communicate culinary techniques, while students can follow along with greater ease and understanding, thanks to the high-quality visual and audio systems installed.

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5.2 Positive Feedback:

Both instructors and students have expressed satisfaction with the new AV equipment. The technology has not only made teaching easier for instructors but has also significantly aided students in their learning process, making the training sessions more accessible and enjoyable for all.

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5.3 Inclusive Learning Environment:

With the integration of the assistive listening system, the training kitchens have become more inclusive, accommodating students with hearing impairments and ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and participate in the training sessions.

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6. Conclusion:

The successful AV integration in South Metro TAFE’s training kitchens has significantly enhanced the training environment, making it more immersive, inclusive, and conducive to learning. This positive project underscores the importance of leveraging technology to support education and training, creating spaces where everyone can learn effectively and inclusively.