Sep 2022

Collaborative Spaces for Intertek

 Focus AV were engaged by Intertek to provide the audio visual fit-out for the MineralSpace collaborative conferencing and presentation space, comprising of a Boardroom and a Minerals Expo room. The fit-out included a variety of industry leading equipment to ensure a seamless user experience when conferencing, hosting presentations and training.

The Minerals Expo provided a showpiece opportunity for the design team at Focus AV. At its core is a 4800mm x 1300mm 1.5mm pixel pitch LED wall. The screen is designed to be an exact ratio match for two side by side screens, giving a 32:9 aspect ratio. It is pixel mapped with the processor, meaning each pixel in a source is exactly matched to a single LED diode on the LED wall. The clarity is second to none.

The Focus AV installation for the Minerals Expo space includes the following components:

LED Wall and Display Processor

  • The LED wall sources are processed by a professional Extron display processor. This allows the multitude of display sources to be split into any imaginable configuration on the LED wall, i.e. the screen is not just limited to one whole image, or two half screen images, or quarters. The room is therefore able to be used in a multitude of ways, with highly flexible configurations and a wide range of use cases.


  • Similar to the Boardroom, the audio is reinforced with use of Bose in-ceiling speakers and Yamaha amplifier, Extron digital signal audio processor, Shure ceiling microphone tile and wireless handheld and lapel microphone system. All audio is delivered via Dante audio networking technology.
  • A professional audio commissioner ensures all audio equipment delivers unparalleled audio quality, both locally in the room and to the far end in video and audio conferences.

Video Conferencing System

  • Again, as per the Boardroom, a Poly G10-T video conferencing system is used, split across the LED screen in a dual screen preset setting, together with PTZ cameras.

Device Connection

  • Making full use of the LED screen is a Barco Clickshare CS‑800 wireless content device. This is a dual output device, with 8 available dongle/connections that can be split over the entire LED wall, allowing for a flexible collaborative space.
  • HDMI inputs are located at floor boxes. There are sufficient inputs to allow for a host of Intertek sources (e.g. media players, PC’s, live CCTV feeds) to be displayed on the LED screen in any picture in picture configuration.

System Control

  • The entire system is controlled with a professional Extron automation system and a roaming iPad touch control interface.
  • The automation system was fully customised in liaison with Intertek representatives