Oct 2023

Revamped Meeting Room for ECU

 Objective: Enhance ECU’s meeting room capabilities to support advanced remote collaboration and presentation technology.


In the digital era, with an increasing demand for remote collaboration, the need for state-of-the-art meeting rooms has never been greater. ECU recognized this demand and sought to upgrade its existing meeting space to align with modern requirements. They approached Focus AV to ensure a seamless and effective transformation.

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The Solution:

Focus AV’s approach was to combine the best of display, sound, and connectivity solutions to provide ECU with a holistic meeting room experience. Here’s what we did:

  1. Visual Display: A Samsung 65″ Smart TV was installed. This large, high-definition display ensures that content is clear and visible to everyone in the room, as well as those attending remotely.
  2. Sound & Video: We added a Crestron Soundbar/Camera below the screen. This integration not only delivers crystal-clear audio but also ensures that video calls are of high quality with clear imagery.
  3. Connectivity: Knowing that different devices might need to connect to the display and sound system, we employed a Blustream HDMI Extender Kit & Icron 2301 USB Extender Kit. This ensured that the table could easily connect to the devices on the front wall, allowing for flexibility and ease-of-use.
  4. Cable Management: All the cables underneath the meeting table were secured with Velcro. This ensures that the meeting space remains neat and tidy, eliminating potential hazards like tripping over loose cables.
  5. Testing & Verification: Before handing over, we ran a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) test using a technician’s laptop. This included initiating a Teams call back to Focus AV’s headquarters to verify the system’s functionality. Additionally, the Samsung Display’s Airplay function was tested to ensure smooth wireless content sharing from Apple devices.

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The meeting room at ECU is now a state-of-the-art space, equipped to handle any collaborative requirements. The seamless integration of various components not only ensures functionality but also provides an aesthetic and user-friendly experience.

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ECU expressed immense satisfaction with the transformation, applauding the expertise and dedication of the Focus AV team. The integration of advanced technology, paired with attention to detail like cable management, sets the standard for what modern meeting spaces should look like.

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A big shoutout to ECU for entrusting Focus AV with this pivotal project. Also, kudos to our dedicated team for ensuring that every component was flawlessly integrated. We are thrilled with the outcome and eagerly anticipate future collaborations. ????

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