Sep 2022

Head Office Fitout for RAC

RAC is rightly proud of the high standards they maintain for their head office. In 2022, RAC engaged Focus AV to beef up all of their meeting rooms, video conference rooms and customised boardrooms at the Wellington Street headquarters as part of staged renovation works.

Focus AV assisted with the design and procured, installed and commissioned all the audio visual systems as part of the upgrades. In the end this extended to 45 separate spaces including small, medium and large meeting/video-conferencing rooms, multi-function spaces and training rooms, all Microsoft certified.

RAC WA were so impressed with the level of professional and customer service provided by Focus AV on the head office upgrade project, that they are now in talks with Focus AV for whole office audio visual upgrades to their Joondalup call centre.

The relationship between Focus AV and RAC continues to grow into 2023.