Oct 2023

Upgraded Boardroom & Demo Space for Spacecubed


Spacecubed, in partnership with Focus AV—Logitech’s top Western Australia partner—has revamped its boardroom to also serve as a demo space. Located in Perth CBD, this upgrade aims to improve the way teams interact, whether they are together in the room or joining remotely. The space is also open for clients who want to see the technology in action before making a decision for their own workspaces.

logitech sight


  1. Show how modern technology can improve team interaction.
  2. Allow clients to test the technology.
  3. Use the space as an example for businesses considering upgrades.


Technology Features

Logitech Scribe and Sight

The Logitech Scribe camera captures what’s written on the whiteboard, making it visible to remote participants. The Logitech Sight camera provides a clear view of meeting attendees, ensuring that remote participants can see and hear what’s happening in the room.


Other Equipment

  • A 65-inch Samsung display for clear visuals.
  • Additional Logitech devices for better sound and video.
  • ICRON USB Ranger Extender System for greater connectivity range.
  • Kordz Australia HDMI and cables for reliable connections.



The installation was managed by technicians who ensured that all devices work well together. All features were tested to confirm that they meet the needs of a variety of meeting types.



  • More engagement from clients interested in the technology.
  • Positive feedback from people who have used the room for meetings.
  • An increase in requests for similar setups from clients who visited the demo space.



The boardroom upgrade at Spacecubed, completed in collaboration with Focus AV and Logitech, serves dual purposes. It acts as a meeting space equipped with the latest technology and also functions as a demo room for clients. The new setup has not only improved the quality of in-house meetings but also attracted interest from businesses looking to make similar improvements.


Client Experience

Clients can visit the Spacecubed demo space in Perth CBD to try out the technology. Booking a demo is straightforward, and staff are available to answer questions.