Vuepix MV Series.

High Performance Fixed Digital Displays. The VuePix Infiled MV series stands out as a premier line of digital display solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of both outdoor and indoor environments.

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Each panel within the series is encased in a robust, yet aesthetically pleasing, aluminum frame that is not only slim and lightweight but also versatile enough to accommodate both front and rear installation and maintenance.

This design flexibility ensures that the MV series can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of settings, from bustling city centers to tranquil indoor spaces. Engineered to thrive in challenging conditions, the outdoor panels of the MV series are fortified to resist the relentless assault of direct sunlight, extreme temperature variations, incessant vibrations, and the rigors of inclement weather.

Beyond their rugged durability, these panels are distinguished by their exceptional visual performance. They are equipped with advanced technology that guarantees high brightness levels, rapid refresh rates, and deep contrast ratios, ensuring that images are not only vivid and clear but also dynamic and engaging.

This combination of durability, versatility, and unparalleled image quality positions the VuePix Infiled MV series as the ideal choice for a wide array of applications, promising an immersive viewing experience in any environmental and lighting condition.

MV Series Brochure
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Key Features Specifications

Key Features

  • Strong Frame

    With a full aluminium frame, the MV series panels are more durable and stronger than traditional cabinets, thus ideally suited for any permanent installation, both indoor or outdoor.
  • Lightweight & Slimline

    The MV series was designed to offer a perfect balance between light weight and durability. This allows the construction of digital display systems that are approx. 10kg per sqm lighter compared to using traditional cabinets and around 45kg per sqm lighter than using iron cabinets. Edge depth of MV Series panels is approx. 45mm thinner compared to traditional cabinets and approx. 112mm thinner compared to iron cabinets.
  • Various Sizes

    The MV Series comes in various panel sizes. 500x500mm 1000x500mm 1000x1000mm 500x1000mm
  • Creating Perfect Curves

    The MV Edge panels were specifically designed and developed to compliment VuePix Infiled MV series. Whether you are creating a 3D digital billboard to seamlessly wrap around a building facade or you just want to add extra curves to your outdoor digital display, the MV Edge panels allow youto achieve a perfectly smooth continuous digital canvas.


  • Pixel Pitch (mm):

    2.9/ 3.91 /5.95 / 6.94 / 7.81 / 10.4 / 12.5
  • Brightness (nits):

    Up to 5,000
  • Application:

  • Environments:

    Indoor / Outdoor
  • IP Rating:

    IP30 / IP65
  • LED Configuration

    3 IN 1 SMD
  • Refresh Rate

    ≤3,840 Hz
  • Cabinet Weight

    19 Kg

Why Focus AV loves the MV series for LED digital displays

The success of the new game-day engagement feature at Mineral Resources Park largely owes to the Vuepix Infiled MV series digital display panels. In collaboration with Focus AV, the West Coast Eagles have implemented these panels into a large LED scoreboard that significantly enhances the visual experience for WAFL and AFLW fans. The 9 x 5 meter scoreboard, positioned 8.5 meters high, uses the MV series panels known for their high brightness and clarity, ensuring that game information and highlights are displayed vividly. This scoreboard is fully operational through an iPad control system designed for ease of use.